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India has the fifth largest installed power capacity in the world and is one of the top power consumers. With the massive rate of urbanization across the world, the demand for energy has grown manifold in the past few decades and continues to do so. This has not only increased the pressure on the Government and industry leaders to explore newer energy sources but has also opened up huge investment opportunities in this sector. As demand for energy in India is projected to grow at a steady rate, there is ample scope and opportunity for companies to invest in various streams of the Oil and Gas industry in the country. With its increased refining capacity and exports of petroleum products, India has begun to induce various private sector companies including the foreign companies to venture into this stream.The Power & Energy sector has immense potential and prospects for growth and profitability in the future. Our dedicated team at Signature Staff specializes over years conducting full range of senior management and middle level positions in this sector.

Infrastructure Industry in India have been experiencing a rapid growth in its different sectors with the development of urbanization and increasing involvement of foreign investments in this field. Heavy Engineering Industry is one of the largest segments of Infrastructure Industry in India. It includes a whole range of industries such as Heavy Electricity Machinery, Turbines, Generators, Transformers, Switchgears, Textile Machinery etc. Infrastructure Sector Growth Rate in India has been on the rise in the last few years as India is the favorite destination of foreign investors. As the infrastructure developments are taking place at a fast pace, lot of opportunities have come up.

Our objective is to enable our clients to move smoothly from where they are to where they want to be in a highly efficient and effective manner. We give personalized attention to our clients and help with the right match for their requirement. Some of our clients are Jindal Steel & Power, Torrent Power Limited, Reliance Power. Samsung Engineering & Construction, Daewoo Engineering & Construction, Hyundai Engineering & Construction, Hyundai Heavy industries and many more.

Our Expertise

PV design-solar
Project Managmentg/Execution
Warehouse/inventory management/dispatch
Quality control/assurance
EHS/safety/environmentalist/ security
Operation & Maintenance
AHP/CHP/Coal coordination/merry go
Sales and marketing
Corporate HR/PMS/OD/T&D
Financial/Business Analyst
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